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In the past I was afraid to express my wants and needs for fear of being rejected or called needy. Dalila thought me how to communicate in an open, kind, yet firm way, and I now have the relationship I always wanted to have. On our second date, I told my partner that I wanted a committed and serious relationship. He introduced me to his parents a month after we started dating. Within 6 months he proposed. I couldn’t believe my luck but it wasn’t luck. It was hard work, training, and self-discovery that led me to success. 

Sales Executive, San Francisco 

I’m so grateful I signed up for Dalila’s coaching package because what I needed was a coach, a trainer, a champion, an expert who would guide me through intricacies of modern dating. Not only does she have extensive professional training, but Dalila also has incredible wealth of experience and almost uncanny intuition. The tools, techniques, and insights she has shared with me helped me identify the patterns and behaviors that were no longer serving me. With her assistance I shed the light on my best possible self and her counseling fully empowered me to go after the life and the loving relationship that I want and deserve.


We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday this weekend. .Jaison joined me and meet my extended family. We all had a wonderful time and my family had a chance to meet the wonderful handsome man you see in these pictures.

Thank you so very much for helping work through my trauma. I could not have imagined myself in a place like this - with a wonderful loving man like Jason. Yet, here we are. You helped me be brave and open to the possibilities of things I was not ready to imagine but are so real.

Many many thanks !

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  • 1xWhen You Love Too Hard-Dating and Relationships for Women with Anxious Attachment Style$98

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Here's What You'll learn
  • Slow down when dating, so you can avoid falling in love too quickly
  • Understand anxious attachment style
  • Avoid shame for wanting a loving, happy relationship
  • How to stop overfunctioning that leads to resentment and struggles in relationships
  • Reclaim a sense of safety, so you don't have to feel frantic to push the relationship further